About Us


We are Brothers Gutters

Pat transitioned a career in aerospace engineering into his own digital marketing company in the mid-2010s. While helping other local businesses achieve success in Southern Connecticut, he had the itch to start his own contractor service company like the ones he had been helping.

After graduating from UConn, Pat married his wife, Elysha. Together they have raised their 4 wonderful kids along Connecticut’s shoreline. The family active enjoys skiing, softball, soccer, basketball and many outdoor activities.

The decision to work with the Brothers the just do Gutters was an easy one. Pat and Elysha have encountered the pains and seldom pleasure of dealing with “Chuck in a Truck” when needing repairs to their home. Reinventing Contractor Service was a priority to Pat. Homeowners should be able to have faith that the contractors they hire are reliable and complete their tasks with 100% satisfaction. The Brothers that just do Gutters demonstrated the professionalism that previous area services were missing.

Providing Quality Gutter Services to the Connecticut Shoreline and Surrounding Areas for Over 20 Years


Why Choose Us?

Connecticut has an abundance of tall trees and foliage. In our area, Gutter guards will be a big focus for that reason. For owners of our Shoreline’s beautiful rustic homes, we are one of the only providers of half-round, copper and galvanized gutters that will enhance that New England aesthetic!

We pledge to communicate with our clients, and give them an honest assessment of their unique situation, as well as all of their options. This will be key in giving them the best possible customer experience.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our company,
Pat Mallon